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Dyslexia Resources


Cross outCommon Myths associated with Dyslexia:

Myth #1: “Dyslexia is seeing things backwards and/or reversing letters.”

Myth #2: “Dyslexia is primarily a visual problem.”

Myth #3:  “Children will outgrow Dyslexia.”



Check markActual Facts about Dyslexia:

Fact #1:  Intelligence does NOT predict dyslexia.  Many highly intelligent people have dyslexia.

Fact #2:  Dyslexia is a Neurobiological Condition.

Fact #3:  Children with dyslexia will learn strategies to help accommodate their learning through explicit instruction.




Dyslexia and Related Disorders

Texas has a long history of supporting the fundamental skill of reading.  This history includes a focus on early identification and intervention for students with dyslexia.  The information below provides resources to assist in identifying and providing services for students with dyslexia and related disorders in Texas.