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Campus Visitors

Campus Visitors

SchoolGate Guardian

The District’s electronic visitor management system replaces manual paper-based logs, allows schools and facilities to produce customized visitor badges and electronically checks visitors against known sexual offender databases and any locally entered private alerts. The overall goal is to better control access to any Pittsburg ISD school/facility, thus providing enhanced protection for our students, staff and visitors.

The visitor registration system enhances school security by reading the government issued photo IDs of visitors, comparing visitor identity information to a sex offender database, reviewing the same identity for any alerts that the school or District may have applied to a person, notifying school safety personnel if a match is found, and then (assuming no match was made) printing a badge for the visitor to wear while on school grounds.

What is the purpose of the Visitor Management System?

It helps our schools keep unwanted visitors out while helping them track those that have been allowed in. By quickly alerting safety personnel to certain potential threats, it allows school administrators and law enforcement personnel to take appropriate steps to keep the school, students, staff, and volunteers safe. For valid visitors, the system also prints visitor badges that include a photo, the name of the visitor, and the visitor’s destination. Those badges enable personnel within the building to quickly determine if visitors are in areas where they should or should not be.

Why is the Pittsburg Independent School District using this system?

Safety of our students is our highest priority. It provides a consistent system to track visitors and volunteers while helping keep away people who present a danger to students and staff members.