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Severe Weather

Severe Weather


Inclement and/or dangerous weather occurs routinely in the East Texas area and, as such, the District has plans and procedures in place to promote student and staff safety.  Parents, students and staff members should be aware of the following information concerning the District’s weather related guidelines.

Monitoring Weather
We have campus staff that monitors weather conditions that may impact the Pittsburg Independent School District.  Staff depend heavily on public information that is available on various websites such as the Shreveport Weather Service,, Doppler radar for East Texas, local news channels and emergency notification systems to list a few.  All campuses have weather alert radios and have access to internet-based weather sources.  It is strongly recommended that individual campuses monitor weather conditions in their area.

School Notification
In the event of anticipated or imminent severe weather that may impact school operations, campuses will be notified by the District leadership. The District has the ability to communicate with campuses, school buses, and other facilities via a District-wide communication system.  Parents can also receive calls from campuses and the District.  In the event of a weather emergency affecting all or portions of the District, the District may release students early or delay dismissal until conditions improve.  The decision to release students early or to cancel school must be approved by the Superintendent or designee.

ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System​

Pittsburg ISD uses the “ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System”. Sirens will sound upon detection of ideal lightning conditions within the immediate area. Upon hearing the warning siren (15 sec blast), all students outside are required to seek shelter in the designated safe areas. This outdoor warning system alerts members of our campus community when there is a 20% chance of a lightning strike within 2 miles of our campus. Whenever the system detects the likelihood of lightning, it will sound

a. 'Red Alert'. This is an air horn blast that is 15 seconds in length.

b. When conditions are deemed safe by ThorGuard, the 'All Clear' will sound. The All Clear consists of 3 air horn blasts of 5 second lengths.